Attractions Of ASI

Kulugarha & Basput

Kulugarha & Basput Attractions of ASI Ranchi Circle

Ancient mound locally known as Kulugarha and Basput, Itagarh

This archaeological site is situated on the right bank of river Kharkai, near industrial area of Tata Nagar. The remains of brick structures are visible due to cutting of mound area by natural calamities. The used bricks in the structures measures in size are 42 x22 x 6cm/ 36x26x7cm/ 26x20x7cms. Some brick structures are visible on the top surface of the mound. Strewn out pottery sherds of the mound are mainly red ware and black ware. Sherds are also found lying on the site simply without any surface treatment. The remains of the structures and pottery sherds of the site belong to the early Historical period.