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Ruins Of Baradari

Ruins Of Baradari Attractions of ASI Ranchi Circle

Ruins of Baradari buildings with probable underground cells and passage

Baradari (Lat. 250 04‘ 31’’ N., Long. - 870 46’ 47’’ E.) is situated about 32 km from the district headquarter of Sahebganj and about 480 km from Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand. Baradari is also known as Nageswarbagh. There is a dispute on the builders of this building. Some scholars attribute it to Fateh Jung Khan, rival of Raja Man Singh (1592 onwards), whereas another group of scholars attributes it to Mir Kasim Ali (prior to 1763 AD.), the Nawab of Bengal.

Built on high ground the building consists of an immense wall of bricks of about 9 meter height on a platform measuring about 18.10 x 16.25 meter. Presently, the remains of the wall is measuring 5 meter in height. There is a gate at one corner of the enclosure with provision for the guard - rooms. A row of apartment’s runs through the inner walls, each consists of a small open court meant for women and their female attendants. There is a common arched gallery in front of all these apartments facing the interior court, in the center of which it said, stood a square building chiefly made of wood and known as 'Rang Mahal'. At present, we do not find any traces of such a Rang Mahal.